QMS Document Management System

QMS Document Management System

Document Management System

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The contents and documents are at the heart of the organizational structure. It is easy to follow and reproduce the results of the processes which are defined and documented. We cannot rely on individual memories to execute the processes. Whether it is a small enterprise with less than 10 people or larger organization with 1000s of employees, there is need for well-defined scalable processes. We need to meet your customer requirements not just once but every time. If you have a well-defined and a documented process, this is huge advantage. Also there is need for good document control and change management process, in order to comply with ISO standards, 21CFR part 820 for medical devices, AS standards.
In this information age the organizations deal with 1000’s of documents and records every day. It is challenging manage manually using paper based systems, which is not only resource intensive but also time consuming.
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"Qualcy EQMS is a simple and easy to use web based application for managing QMS functions for biotech companies."
Jack Diwu
Ph.D. President AAT Bioquest, Inc.
"Qualcy EQMS offers versatile and complete software solutions for managing QMS functions in the Biotech or Medical Device industry."
Laura Freeman
Senior Quality Manager, Bioserv

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