QMS Training Management Software

QMS Training Management Software

Training System

We provide complete solution for managing the Training system. Followings are key features and capabilities of our Training system.

More about our Training System and Capabilities

The strength of organization depends upon the people. People are equally important as the processes. We need competent and trained people to execute the processes to produce exceptional customer experience. There is constant interaction and coordination among the employees to achieve the common objective of the organization. It is imperative that we keep the people updated with the latest changes in the processes and procedures. The processes cannot effective without the alignment and engagement of the employees.
People think maintaining training record is a regulatory requirement. Yes, most regulatory bodies do require evidence of documented records to confirm the compliance requirements. But we miss the bigger picture. Timely execution of the training process can prevent the next big product recall. It can help your sales and service teams to clinch the deal for the next big order from the customers. How do you make sure the human resources are aligned with the processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences?
How do you make sure the both the transnational and non transnational steps in the delivery process are repeatable and reproducible? How do you communicate and establish a close loop when any of documents, specifications, policies, or procedures is changed? You need a scalable training system to effectively manage the training process. We have developed a training system to manage the training process that will help you achieve the business goals and objectives.

Highlights of the our Training System

"Qualcy EQMS is a simple and easy to use web based application for managing QMS functions for biotech companies."
Jack Diwu
Ph.D. President AAT Bioquest, Inc.
"Qualcy EQMS offers versatile and complete software solutions for managing QMS functions in the Biotech or Medical Device industry."
Laura Freeman
Senior Quality Manager, Bioserv

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